I have typed and deleted this welcome page so many times it is a miracle that you are reading it right now. I wanted it to be perfect, to lure you in; to make you want to hear my story. But alas, in the end I have just settled for this. I am not perfect so neither is this welcome letter to you. This Blog is my story…it is filled with tips, tricks, truths, humor, sarcasm; and the nitty-gritty down-and-dirty reality of life with a child who has ASD and ADHD. Grey was a late diagnosis. Although he was always quirky, at seven he quickly became a child I no longer knew. This blog is from a Mom and a family’s perspective showing how we overcome, persevere, learn, and grow together!

While it is EXTREMELY lengthy, I highly recommend that you read the back story. (It is a link a the top of the page or for phones and tablets click on menu then back story.)  It takes you through our struggles and how we got to where we are now. I had a shortened version up and my husband said that I really needed to tell the whole story there so you could really see the struggle. So buckle up kiddies! Grab your blankies and hot cocoa, because if you do start there, it is a good read, one you will be able to sympathize with, but a long one.

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